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October 31, 2016 Comments Off

Ghouls, ghosts, and witches, warlocks, and spooks of all kinds. These, along with every sort of Disney princess and comic book hero, seem to be the common theme of the average Halloween celebrations

March 18, 2016 Comments Off

“Behold, we go up to Jerusalem!” With these Gospel words on Quinquagesima Sunday, the Church declares the Season of Lent to be a journey toward Jerusalem, toward the passion of Christ.  Holy Week

March 17, 2016 Comments Off

This Lenten Season, it is my hope that I will learn and grow in spiritual disciplines; that my family will learn and grow in the same; and also, of course, that my students

March 16, 2016 Comments Off

When traditional Anglicans think of Lent, they usually see it in purple. Certainly, purple is commendable and was long a nearly universal practice. However, the Anglican cleric Percy Dearmer records rich traditions and

February 13, 2016 Comments Off

By the Rev'd Dr. Daniel McGrath This year during Lent the topics of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving will be featured in many sermons, written about in many parish newsletters, and thought about in detail

February 12, 2016 Comments Off

By the Rev'd Bradley Cunningham It has been a pleasure these past (almost) 30 years to exercise the disciplines of Lent. Each year I learn more and recover more of the Church’s wisdom from

February 10, 2016 Comments Off

By the Rev’d Dr. Charles Erlandson Matthew 6:16-21 If you’re following along with the 1928 Prayer Book lectionary, you’ll have noticed that I’m meditating on the lesson from the Gospel Proper lesson and

December 21, 2015 Comments Off

By the Rev'd Dr. Derrick Hassert Lex orandi, lex credendi. The law of prayer is the law of belief. This is a hallmark of classical Anglican Christianity. It oftentimes seems that Anglicans cling

December 16, 2015 Comments Off

By the Rev'd Dr. Charles Erlandson Advent is God’s cosmic alarm clock. Since we humans are creatures bound by time and we will have calendars, we will observe hours and days and times

November 29, 2015 Comments Off

Advent as the Little Lent Step into an Anglican church this time of year and you will most likely find a profusion of purple—purple banners, purple Bible markers, purple vestments. More than just

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