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Lindisfarne House

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St. Andrew's Lindisfarne House

A monastic gap year program in the Almanor community

The Lindisfarne House

St. Andrew’s Church & Academy’s Lindisfarne House is a gap year program in which the participants take temporary monastic vows for one to two calendar years, during which they serve the church and academy as interns.

Q&A About St. Andrew's Gap Year

Why would one take a monastic gap year?

There are many reasons... 1. Opportunity to serve Christ and His Church; 2. A time of focused spiritual direction; 3. Exploration of classical High Church Anglicanism; 4. Living in the most beautiful part of America!

Do the interns need to raise support?

Yes. This program functions as a domestic missionary. As such participants need to raise support. This is because interns will be housed, fed and given a small stipend of spending money each month.

What are the vows taken?

The participant takes vows of chastity, poverty, stability of place, and obedience. The vows are temporary, lasting the duration of the internship.

What if I’m interested, but have already been accepted into my college/university of choice?

One of our interns five years ago was in this very position. He very easily deferred his acceptance into his university for one year, which most colleges/universities will do, and came to St. Andrew’s to participate as a Lindisfarne monk/intern for a year. He then started his freshman year at his university the following Fall.

What does a Lindisfarne participant do?

Interns do whatever is needed by the Church and Academy with consideration to each participant’s strengths and talents. This has included: office management, education (teachers as well as aides), computer graphics and design of print and web media, video production, outdoor recreation, public relations, publishing, child-care, and sewing.

What are the other commitments for a Lindisfarne intern?

An intern should expect not to go home for Christmas, Easter, or any other major holiday during his or her internship. Rather, the experience of going through the entire Church calendar year within just one parish is an intentional aspect of the program. Family weddings and funerals have been exceptions. The commitment is for at least a full calendar year. No dating of any kind is allowed during the internship. Other employment is not considered compatible with the gap year program.

Is there an age limitation to participate?

No, there is no age limitation. The program was built, however, with 18-30 year old people in mind. Our participants have ranged in age from 18 through 35.

Wow, sounds amazing! Is there any way I can do a summer internship since I only have a summer?

Yes. St. Andrew’s periodically has a summer intern or two when the situation calls for it; the summer participant doesn’t take monastic vows.


Step #1

Send a Letter of Intent with a Curriculum Vitae and three references…

     1: pastoral

     2: academic or work

     3: personal or character

Step #2

After the initial review of your materials, if Lindisfarne house seems to be a good fit for you, your application will move forward.  You will be asked to send written responses to a number of questions, then a phone interview will take place.

Step #3

Finally, an interview in person will conclude the application and, by God’s grace, a wise decision will be made between you and St. Andrew’s Academy.

Send your Letter of Intent to: Father Brian Foos at 174 Melissa Ave, Chester, CA 96020

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