Fire, Evacuations, Infections, Eviction: Mission Onward

Fire, Evacuations, Infections, Eviction: Mission Onward

The last four months have been a remarkable time of testing and trials for us here at St Andrew’s Church & Academy.
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$14,130.00 donated of $40,000.00 goal
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A series of repeated setbacks and disappointments pushed us far beyond any kind of comfort zone—yet it was between these rocks of difficulty and doubt that we have been blessed to see for ourselves with our own eyes what we’ve clung to by faith. And we can testify of the goodness of God working amidst our weakness and troubles!


We are thankful for so many faithful friends and brothers and sisters who have greatly encouraged us with prayers, help and support.

But the work is not over.

Fire refugees are now regrouping. Recovering from Covid. Dealing with the aftermath of the Dixie fire. Making the best of a less-than-ideal new school building. And beginning the six-month recertification of our Federal requirements to board international students.

These are daunting tasks under a relatively short timeline: we need to raise $40,000—and we are going to need your help to do it.

We are seeking emergency financial support right now to:

1. Continue the new school building remodel & transition.
2. Offer help to our parishioners and community.
3. Offset the considerable unexpected expense of the evacuation & move.
4. Help fund the international student recertification process.

The next step will be to begin working out the vision for our longer term strategy. After our landlord surprised us with an order to move after 10 years leasing the building, we realized that for us to put roots deeper into this community, we will need our own school. We need to acquire a stable place for the Academy to continue our ministry to this area, to Christian families and children, and to our culture that so desperately needs young men and women trained and equipped as Christians and leaders for the next generation.

But first we have to get back on our feet and take care of the four issues listed above.

We appreciate your generous support financially and in prayer.