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Academy Admissions



Grammar School Application (K-5th)

1. Download and fill out the Grammar School Application

2. Turn in the application and fees and schedule an interview.

3. Wait for word from the school.

The administration will get back to you within a reasonable time to let you know the results of your application.

Middle & High Day School Students (6th – 12th)

1. Download and fill out the Application.

 2. With application in hand, call the school for to schedule an interview and discussion with parent and student(s).

 3. Turn in the application and fees.

The administration will get back to you within a reasonable time to let you know the results of your application.

Middle & High Boarding School Students (6th-12th)

1. Download and fill out the Application.

2. With application in hand, contact the school for an informal interview and discussion.

3. Turn in the application and fees—a emailed scan of the application is acceptable. The school will give you a means to pay the application fee electronically.

 4. The administration will follow up with a zoom interview.

5. If possible, schedule on-site interview and visit.

The administration will get back to you within a reasonable time to let you know the results of your application.

Re-enrollment/Registration Application

Tubing at St. Andrews Lake Almanor Summer Camp

 Policy of Racial Non-Discrimination:

St. Andrew’s Academy admits students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the Academy. St. Andrew’s Academy practices a biblical philosophy of admissions not discriminating on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarships, athletic and other school-directed programs.



Dear Parents,

Here are the exact uniform requirements for St. Andrew’s Academy students. Please refer to this as a guide when ordering. The items listed are required, but other items such as scrunchies, headbands, bike shorts for little girls, etc. are optional. Please buy complete uniforms, except for shoes, from the official St. Andrew’s page on our Uniform Supplier Website (please be patient as we are updating this link). Parents of International Students: in most cases, you will purchase the uniform and have it shipped to:

Student Name
c/o St. Andrew’s Academy

159 Main St., Chester, CA  96020


Email the office with any problems or concerns: [email protected]. Shoes can be purchased online and shipped to the same address—or if that is problematic, they can be purchased once the student arrives.



• White oxford shirt (long or short sleeve)

• Charcoal Grey slacks

• Navy sweater, acrylic

• Black shoes

• Black belt

• Plaid bow tie



• Navy blazer

• White oxford shirt (long or short sleeve)

• Charcoal Grey slacks

• Plaid adult tie

• Black shoes

• Black belt



• White blouse with Peter Pan collar (long or short sleeve)

• Plaid jumper

• Navy fine-gauge sweater, acrylic

• White knee-high socks or tights

• Black shoes




• White oxford blouse (long or short sleeve)

• Navy fine-gauge sweater, #6430

• Plaid skirt (2-Kick or Knife pleat)

• White knee-high socks or tights

• Black shoes



Does a student have to be extra smart to attend St. Andrew’s?

Some of our most successful graduates have been average scholars who are willing to work hard.

Does a student have to be a Christian to attend the school?

No. However, all students must participate in morning and evening prayer each day, and boarding students must attend the local parish (which sponsors the school) weekly and on feast days.

What’s a classical school?

A classical school follows a time-tested methodology and curriculum which has its roots before the time of Christ. It involves a few classes unusual to today’s education—such as logic, rhetoric, and classical languages—and it shapes the whole approach of the teaching and expectations of the students.

Why is chapel every day, instead of once a week like many Christian schools?

The singing and praying and contemplative time of Chapel every day sets the context and the atmosphere of the Academy’s other activities. The norm in the past for most schools was daily prayer; we continue in that tradition.

What GPA do you require?

We do look at grade point average for an applying student, but do not have a certain GPA requirement. GPA can reflect the diligence of the student, and value put upon academic labor (though imperfectly) and these are the qualities we look for in a student.

Are your faculty members Anglican?

With few exceptions, our instructors are members of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church.


Father Brian Foos —

Is the Headmaster of St. Andrew’s Academy, where he also teaches Literature and Composition, Philosophy, and Theology and is the choirmaster for the St. Andrew’s Academy Choir. He studied Bible at the undergraduate level, earned his Bachelor’s in Literature and Composition and his Master’s in Theology. He has taught mostly at the secondary and college levels. He is the Vicar of St. Andrew’s and Christ the Redeemer Churches.

Mrs. Kathleen Foos —

Earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and has done graduate work in Theology. She has taught Math, Logic, Greek and Science at the secondary level as well as all ages at the grammar school level. She is the logic instructor and the director of curriculum development for the grammar school at St. Andrew’s Academy.

Mrs. Carol Ann Waterman —

Completed her BA with a double major in Zoology and Biology, earned her Master’s degree in Avian Sciences from UC Davis and then worked at the San Diego Zoo. She teaches amongst many things, mostly Science and Math at the primary and secondary levels at St. Andrew’s Academy.

Mrs. Marlo Jensen —

Recently spent eight years with her husband and family in Quito Ecuador, where they worked as missionaries. She earned her BA in the liberal arts, and taught for St. Andrew’s in the early years of the school. She also taught for a number of years in the mid and upper range of the grammar school and in the middle school at St. Andrew’s until 2019. She now works in the St. Andrew's Wax works, building candles for sale in our online store.

Mr. Robert Montavon —

Is the founder of the St. Andrew's fencing program in Fall of 2007, and teaches students Tan Soo Do, a Korean Martial Arts. After a number of years in Alaska, Mr. Montavon is back at St. Andrew's, teaching Tan Soo Do, and, along with Miss Paula Shaklee, coaching fencers.

Father William Martin, III —

Is a Boston native and graduate of Tufts University, earning a BA in Political Science. He then attended King’s College, Halifax, Novia Scotia, where he earned an MA in Classics/Mediaeval Theology. He studied for orders at St. Stephen’s House, Oxford, U.K. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in history & literature and theology. He is a visiting professor at St. Andrew’s, lecturing, usually, in theology, history, and philosophy.

Miss Paula Shaklee —

Is the fencing coach at St. Andrew’s Academy. She fenced in college and post-college, helping to set up a fencing club in southern Oregon. She contracts with the Forest Service dealing with animal habitats.

Dr. David John Seel, Jr. —

Is the school’s College Counselor (which he does via video conferencing and telephone) and sits on the National Advisory Board for St. Andrew’s Academy. He is a frequent guest of the school having been a speaker for the St. Andrew’s Day Conference, the Hilary Lectures and the 2008 commencement. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland (College Park). He has taught at The Stony Brook School, Long Island, New York, and was the headmaster at Cambridge School of Dallas, Texas. He is author of The Evangelical Forfeit, Parenting Without Perfection: Being a Kingdom Influence in a Toxic World, and Special Forces in Kingdom Service: The Calling of Prophetic Schools.


St. Andrew’s Academy is an Anglican school.  The Anglican Church comes out of the British Isles, and is often referred to as a Reformed Catholic Church. It is the third largest Church in the world. The Academy is a parochial ministry of St. Andrew’s Church, of the Diocese of Mid-America, Reformed Episcopal Church (REC), with Ray R Sutton, PhD as the bishop (also the Presiding Bishop of the REC) and Bishop Walter Banek, assisting. St. Andrew’s Academy is a founding member of the Anglican Schools Association.

The Academy is a California non-profit corporation, a federal, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and served by a board of directors from all over California.  The Academy has an International Advisory Board, consisting of these educators and cultural thinkers.

The Rev. John Boonzaaijer, Dallas, Texas —

Rector of Chapel of the Cross. Head of School of The St. Timothy’s School. Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Anglican School Association.

The Rt. Rev. Walter Banek, Tyler, Texas —

Rector of Good Shepherd Church and Head of Good Shepherd School.

John Seel, PhD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania —

Principal at John Seel Consulting LLC, a cultural impact consulting firm specializing in millennials. Senior fellow at Cardus, a think tank for the renewal of North American social architecture. Former director of cultural engagement at the John Templeton Foundation.

John Lange, MD, Reno, Nevada —

Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon. Senior Partner, Shasta Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine. Former full-time professional racing car mechanic/designer/fabricator.

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