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Father Brian Foos is a native Californian and spent the majority of his childhood amongst the trees and streams and lakes of Eastern Plumas County.  He is married to Kaitlin, another native Californian, and they have three young children.  Father Foos is the founding Rector St. Andrew’s Church and of Christ the Redeemer Church in Greenville, and he is the founding Headmaster of St. Andrew’s Academy.

His schooling earned him an undergraduate degree in Literature and a graduate degree in theology and, apparently, a lifetime of teaching both subjects.  He is the choirmaster for St. Andrew’s Academy which keeps him involved in music which has been a passion of his since childhood.

He reads widely and slowly, enjoying many forms of literature, but particularly fiction, theology and Church history.  He has edited and published various journals and rags, and in his younger days pursued writing, design, and layout with some enthusiasm and little financial success.

He prefers hiking in the woods and reading poetry by streams rather than fishing in them; basketball to baseball at all times; enjoys sailing and remembers waterskiing before it hurt so much to fall and still enjoys downhill snowskiing on the old style boards from the 80’s (he gets laughed at on the slope).  He loves to travel and especially to infect his students with the same addiction as he shows them some of his favorite haunts in the British Isles and other European locales.

He is a lover of fine, handcrafted ales, appreciates a fine cigar and enjoys being outdoors more than indoors, especially if he can sit and look at the lawn rather than mow it.

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