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College Why A Liberal Art’s Degree



St. Andrew’s College is part of a larger community, including parishioners of St. Andrew’s Church, students at St. Andrew’s Academy, and many friends and supporters in the area, not to mention the local residents of the Chester, Lake Almanor area.


The College continues in the tradition of the St. Andrew’s Service Club, which exists to help any locals that just need a few strong arms! This is a way to be a Christian neighbor. St. Andrew’s helps out in the community when needed, participating in the local chamber of commerce and other community events.


Being a member of St. Andrew’s means true community—both the comfort and enjoyment, but also the hard work and forgiveness that comes, of necessity, in true community.  The St. Andrew’s choir has sung for weddings and baptisms as well as funerals.


At St. Andrew’s, you have a place you belong, a group of people you serve, and a rule of life to follow, all while reading, learning, and discussing, as Matthew Arnold put it, “the best that has been thought and said,” in the history of the world!


This is the good life!

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