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March 9, 2016 Comments Off

By Jared Tomlinson Gregorian chant. Byzantine iconography. Gothic architecture. Renaissance polyphony. The Inklings. For most of the past two millennia, Christians have been at the forefront of the world’s aesthetic life. And then the

October 21, 2015 Comments Off

Mr. Martin Cothran was interviewed by David Kern of the Circe Institute regarding the Common Core State Standards Initiative in American Education, known as “Common Core.” Cothran begins: The Common Core standards are important

September 2, 2015 Comments Off

When teaching through a particular subject, I find that everything suddenly relates to it. One co-worker alleges that I mentioned Dante in every conversation, while I was teaching through the Renaissance recently. I

May 13, 2015 Comments Off

The battle over what fills my iPod is not nearly as important as what fills my mind, but they are closely related. C.S. Lewis wisely observed, “Unless the measuring rod is independent of

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