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Our Youth Need A Counter-Culture Education



Our Youth Need A Counter-Culture Education

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


We want to bring to your attention the issue presented below. We encourage you prayerfully, and carefully, read these words of Father Brian Foos, head of the new College at St. Andrew’s, built upon more than two decades of teaching a classical, Anglican education to primary and secondary students in the mountains of Northern California.


Now is a strategic time for the Church to act specifically, and to be faithful—particularly for the future of our families—our young adults. We encourage your support of this new school, and other new micro-colleges formed and being formed in the REC. St. Andrew’s is fully-accredited and ready for students this Fall, 2022; plans are also developing for a micro-college in Texas, at Good Shepherd Church and School. This is an exciting time, and an opportunity to support our Anglican School Association’s newest members—colleges.

The Most Reverend

Ray R. Sutton

Presiding Bishop REC

Bishop Ordinary, DMA

The Right Reverend

Walter R. Banek

Bishop Suffragan, DMA

Chair, REC Christian Education Committee

The Reverend Canon

John Boonzaaijer

President, Anglican School Association


July 28, 2022


“…be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”

In being innocent as doves, we the Church sometimes forget how to be wise as serpents. But the great serpent does not forget; and for many decades he and the sons of this age have been shrewdly and patiently laying plans to capture our children’s hearts and souls. That terrible, careful planning is now coming to fruition, and we see dismaying success in almost every sphere of our culture.


We can no longer deny this, and most strongly affected are indeed our young people; most today do not remember even the residual Christian influence of our culture in the recent past. No ground is hallowed; no age too young for debasement and defilement. Our youth walk through a gauntlet of materialist hopelessness. They are adrift in a sea of perversity unimaginable even ten years ago. They are seduced to destruction on every side. The very algorithms of social media are calculated for vice, deliberately counter to virtue.


The sons of light must hear Christ’s admonition to strategic action, shrewdly resisting the wiles of the devil. Our children’s very souls are in danger; the day is upon us; the hour is now.


We live in the age of dragons, and must raise dragon slayers.


St. Andrew’s College is a response to this challenge. This new micro-college believes Truth is real and that we can know it; that man and woman are the image of God; that asking for the old paths and walking in them will bring light.


St. Andrew’s College exists to proclaim that belief in Christ can challenge the spirit of this age. As an Anglican college, St. Andrew’s treads in the footsteps of the greats on whose shoulders we stand and whose mantle we wear.


Such strategic countermeasures demand coordinated effort: concerned parents and students who intend not to give in nor give up, who are not afraid to be different when holiness demands it; who value our cultural inheritance and want to see it survive; and who further do not want to wonder if their college tuition is aiding in undermining their faith.


I urge you to learn more about St. Andrew’s College at Lake Almanor. I urge you to pray for the inaugural cohort beginning to take shape for this fall. I urge you to consider St. Andrew’s as a solid, Christian college for your young people to attend, even this Fall. Freshman and transfer students are welcome, and high school seniors can finish their high school education, receiving a diploma from St. Andrew’s Academy, and finish their first year of college in the process.


The stakes are high and the time is short.


Together in mission for this generation, and the next.


The Rev’d Brian Foos

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