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OLD ARTICLE – St. Andrew’s Academy Sings American Composers

Friday evening, February 22nd, St. Andrew’s Academy had her 8th annual Winter Concert, at the Methodist Church in Chester.

This year featured a repertoire different from previous years, in that not only was every song in English, but all the songs were by early American composers dating from the 18th to early 19th centuries.

The main composer of the evening was William Billings, often recognized as the father of American choral music, whose most famous tune is called, appropriately, “Chester.” Other composers were Elisha West, Justin Morgan, and Timothy Swan, writing in the same tradition as Billings.

The choir also performed one piece by William Mason (son of the better-known Lowell Mason) an American composer of the early 19th century with more European influence.

One audience member commented, “This was the best I’ve heard the choir sing yet.”

The choir will be recording their repertoire for the year in the coming weeks.  Check the St. Andrew’s website for news on the new CD and how to order.



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